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The Whole
Moms Club

Where real moms can get real support.

Whole Moms Club

The Vision.

The intention of this space is to create a safe place for moms to explore their relationship with food and body to help heal, connect and show up more authentically.  

Feeling the pressure of diet culture? We get it. 

Feeling overwhelmed by the messages around how to parent? We get it. 

Struggling with body changes in Motherhood? We get it.

Who should join? Any moms (or those that identify as a mother) who feel they can benefit from creating a more peaceful relationship with food and their body. Maybe you have a history of an eating disorder or have struggled with a pattern of dieting, maybe your body has just changed which has increased your discomfort in your body? Then this space may be for you. 

The goal of this space is not to become perfect mother's or to promise that you will have mothering all figured out by the end of the 8 week. The goal is to help create a more whole, authentic space for moms. 

We are committed to creating a diet-free, weight inclusive space that aims to be safe for all bodies. 

What it is.

A nonjudgemental group for moms to relate, empathize and empower one another.

Process Group

8 week virtual process group

Weekly theme to explore 

Integrating psycho-education and practicing coping skills


50 min Individual

Consultation with Therapist

Group Consultation with Registered Dietitian


Private Facebook Group for ongoing peer support and discussion

Periodic clinical resources and didactic coping strategies

Afternoon Light

The Details. 

Starting March 5th

Groups weekly on Tuesdays at 10am via telehealth

Must be registered in advance. 

Participants must be located in California. 

Cost is $575 per participant. 

Includes 8 weekly groups, Individual consultation with psychotherapist and group nutritional consultation workshop

Join the club.

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