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Practice Areas

Eating Disorders

& Disorder Eating 

Healing your relationship with food and your body is possible. Eating disorders are about disconnection. Disconnection from identity, the body and emotions. Learn to reconnect. 

Body Image

& Body Dysmorphia

Shame around the body is distressing. Move away from trying to perfect or punish your body and learn to be compassionately present in your body. 


& Young Adults 

Adolescence & young adulthood is a time of endless potential and often great anxieties. Have the space to explore, embrace and challenge the different parts of yourself. 


& Life Transitions

Sometimes we lose ourselves. Heal your relationship with the self and learn to embrace the different parts of yourself. Explore your identity and build safety by showing up as your authentic self. 

Need some extra support in one or more of these areas? 
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