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Eating In 
Connecting over a supportive meal.

Eating In Community
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The Vision.

Eating is an integral part of social connection. Many interactions we have with others, often includes food. From holidays, to work gatherings, to spending time with friends and family - food is often at the center. It’s how we engage with others, it’s how we celebrate our diverse cultures, and it’s sometimes how we communicate love to those that are important to us.


Despite this, it can also be challenging for people that are struggling with their relationships with food and their bodies. It can be hard to show up authentically, be present with others and eat. Many people can feel stuck in their own thoughts and as a result, avoid situations that involve food. If you relate to any of this and would like additional support, then this group is for you! 


This group is for anyone in CA, age 18 and older that is seeking a safe space to eat a meal and build community. In this group, we will encourage and model neutral eating patterns, normalize eating with and around others, and help you to strengthen your support network.


All bodies and all genders are welcomed! 

We are committed to creating a diet-free, weight inclusive space that aims to be safe for all bodies. 

What it is.

Meal Support Process Group

Ongoing meal support group

Run by a psychotherapist.

Sarah Fraser, LCSW

Facilitated by

Sarah Fraser, LCSW

Green Fields

The Details. 

Starting March 6th

Weekly Wednesdays at 12pm via Telehealth. 

Must register in advance.

Participants must be in the state of CA to participate.    

Cost is $50 per group to participate. 

Join the group.

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