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Building a Recovered Life
Finding the Recovered You.

Group of Women. Building a Recovered Life.

The Vision.

Group aim is to provide a safe space for those actively working towards a recovered life.

We understand the journey is never linear but aim to create a positive peer support network. 

Focus on life outside of the eating disorder. Building identity and community. 

Topics to be explored: Identity, relationships, support, finding joy and more. 

This group welcomes all adult (18+), women (including cis, trans-women, gender non-conforming)

We are committed to creating a diet-free, weight inclusive space that aims to be safe for all bodies. 

Tatiana Esquivel, APCC

Facilitated by

Tatiana Esquivel, APCC

What it is.

A nonjudgemental group for to relate, empathize and empower one another.

Process Group

8 week virtual process group

Weekly theme to explore 

Integrating psycho-education & practicing coping skills


The Details. 

Groups held Mondays at 6:30pm, In-Person

Must be registered in advance.  

Cost is $50 per group, 8 week commitment requested. 

Join the group.

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